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Who Are We?

Updated: May 28, 2022

Chase the Cloud Travel Club: Cloud Chasers Unite

We Specialize in Group Travel and Private Events

We offer themed trips based on topics that are used to unify groups. We explore destinations all over the world while curating private events, learning about the culture of the area, and meeting new faces.

We offer travel research and planning, as well as group trip management with private event services.

Our group trips feature a unique experience based on a given theme and often include several opportunities for personal, mental, and professional development. Our monthly membership offers a snapshot of upcoming trips, signature merchandise, and uniquely crafted experiences.

Chase the Cloud

Explore a destination before you plan your travel. We provide travel consultations, where we discuss your upcoming travels, budget, and expectations. We discuss possible options available and provide an itinerary that can be used to distribute between your party.

Cloud Chasers Unite

Chasers receive priority group trip access along with priority event registration. With early access, members have a little more time to decide if the trip is right for them along with exclusive member perks and added amenities. Have the option to travel solo or with a group, as well as network with other members during uniqually tailored experiences.

Schedule a travel consultation today or become a member today. Book Package One if you arent interested in all the other perks and still receive top-notch care. You can find us somewhere in the clouds,until next time., Cloud Chasers Unite.

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